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Original papers

  1. Fukuyama T, Fuke A, Mochizuki M, Kamei K, and Maeda YT*
    Directing and boosting of cell migration by the entropic force gradient in polymer solution submitted
  2. Ohmura T, Ichikawa M, Kamei K, Maeda YT*
    Oscillation and collective conveyance of water-in-oil droplets by microfluidic bolus flow
    Applied Physics Letters 107, 074102 (2015) [PDF][Web]
  3. Maeda YT*
    (2+1)-Dimensional Manipulation of Soft Biological Materials by Opto-thermal-diffusiophoresis
    Applied Physics Letters 103, 243704 (2013) [PDF][Supplement][Web]
  4. Maeda YT, Tlusty T, and Libchaber A
    Effects of Long DNA Folding and Small RNA Stem-loop in Thermophoresis
    Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 109, 17972-17977 (2012) [PDF][Supplement][Web]
  5. Maeda YT*, Nakadai T, Shin J, Uryu K, Noireaux V*, and Libchaber A
    Assembly of MreB Filaments on Liposome Membranes: A Synthetic Biology Approach
    ACS Synthetic Biology 1, 53-59 (2012) [PDF][Supplement][Web][Cover]
  6. Maeda YT*, Buguin A, and Libchaber A
    Thermal Separation: Interplay between the Soret Effect and Entropic Force Gradient
    Physical Review Letters 107, 038301 (2011) [PDF][Web]
  7. Shimamoto Y, Maeda YT, Ishiwata S, Libchaber AJ, and Kapoor TM
    Insights into the Micromechanical Properties of the Metaphase Spindle
    Cell 145, 1062-1074 (2011) [Web]
  8. Noireaux V, Maeda YT, and Libchaber A
    Development of an Artificial Cell, from Self-organization to Computation and Self-reproduction
    Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 108, 3473-3480 (2011) [PDF][Web]
  9. Tokita R, Katoh T, Maeda YT, Wakita J, Sano M, Matsuyama T and Mastushita M
    Pattern Formation of Bacterial Colonies by Escherichia coli
    Journal of Physical Society of Japan 78, 074005 (2009) [Web]
  10. Maeda YT*, Inose J, Matsuo MY, Iwaya S and Sano M
    Ordered Patterns of Cell Shape and Orientational Correlation During Spontaneous Cell Migration
    PLoS ONE 3, e3734 (2008) [PDF][Supplement][Web]
  11. Delanoye-Ayari H, Iwaya S, Maeda YT, Inose J, Rivlere C, Sano M and Rieu J-P
    Changes in the Magnitude and Distribution of Forces at the Different Dictyostelium Developmental Stages
    Cell Motility and the Cytoskeleton 65, 314-331(2008) [PDF][Supplement][Web]
  12. Maeda YT*
    Quantitative Experimental Analysis of Synthetic Gene Networks
    Bussei Kenkyu 85(5), 685-721 (2006) in Japanese [Web]
  13. Maeda YT* and Sano M
    Regulatory Dynamics of Synthetic Gene Networks with Positive Feedback
    Journal of Molecular Biology 359, 1107-1124 (2006) [PDF][Supplement][Web]

*corresponding author

Review articles

1. 前多裕介
生化学 85, 299-303 (2013)