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Welcome to the Home page of MAEDA laboratory!

We study physical principles underlying behind complex and dynamic phenomena through pattern formation and fluctuations far from equilibrium. The understanding of novel physical laws allows us to carry out interdisciplinary studies between physics and biology, just crossing the border. You may find more information from Research and Dissertation pages.

About Principal Investigator

Name Yusuke T. MAEDA
Date of Birth 1980.12.11
Areas of research Non-equilibrium physics, Synthetic biology
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Brief CV

2015.4 ~ current Associate Professor, Department of Physics, Kyushu University
2012.4 ~ current PRESTO investigator, Japan Science and Technology Agency
2012.4 ~ 2015.3 Assistant Professor,The Hakubi center, Kyoto University
Adjunct faculty, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Kyoto University
Adjunct faculty, iCeMS, Kyoto University
2008.4 ~ 2012.3 Postdoctoral fellow, Center for studies in physics and biology,
The Rockefeller University
2003.4 ~ 2008.3 Graduate student, Department of Physics, The University of Tokyo
1999.4 ~ 2003.3 Undergraduate student,Department of Biophysics and Biochemistry, The University of Tokyo

Awards and Honors

2015. 3 9th Young Physicist Prize, Division 11, Japanese Physical Society
2013. 5 30th Toyama Award, Division of Science (Genomics)

Essay (in Japanese)

会議参加:理研七夕ミーティング2012 [PDF]
留学記寄稿:海外だより 生物物理 51, 52-53 (2011) [PDF]