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Original papers

  1. Fukuyama T, Ebata H, Kondo Y, Kidoaki S, Aoki K, and Maeda YT
    Why epithelial cells collectively move against a traveling signal wave
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  5. Fukuyama T, Yan LC, Tanaka M, Yamaoka M, Saito K, Ti SC, Liao CC, Hsia KC, Maeda YT* and Shimamoto Y*
    Morphological growth dynamics, mechanical stability, and active microtubule mechanics underlying spindle self-organization
    Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 119, e2209053119 (2022)
  6. Sakamoto R, Izri Z, Shimamoto Y, Miyazaki M, and Maeda YT
    Geometric trade-off between contractile force and viscous drag determines the actomyosin-based motility of a cell-sized droplet
    Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 119, e2121147119 (2022)
  7. Shigeta K, Fukuyama T, Takahashi R, Beppu K, Tanaka A, and Maeda YT
    Collective motion of epithelial cells along a wrinkled 3D-buckled hydrogel
    RSC Advances 12, 20174-20181 (2022)

  8. Maeda YT
    Negative autoregulation controls size scaling in confined gene expression reactions
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  9. Kikuchi K, Fukuyama T, Uchihashi T, Furuta T, Maeda YT, and Ueno T
    Protein needles designed to self-assemble through needle tip engineering
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  10. Araki S, Beppu K, Kabir AMR, Kakugo A, and Maeda YT
    Controlling collective motion of kinesin-driven microtubules via patterning of topographic landscapes
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  11. Beppu K, Izri Z, Sato T, Yamanishi Y, Sumino Y, and Maeda YT
    Edge current and pairing order transition in chiral bacterial vortices
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    Tug-of-war between actomyosin-driven antagonistic forces determines the positioning symmetry in cell-sized confinement
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  14. Shiraki TY, Kamei K, and Maeda YT
    Randomness and optimality in enhanced DNA ligation with crowding effects
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    Mechanically distinct microtubule arrays determine the length and force response of the meiotic spindle
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    (2+1)-Dimensional manipulation of soft biological materials by opto-thermal-diffusiophoresis
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Review articles

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